Catch Up

Oh...where to begin...
Just pics of my loves from the end of 2012.

Our first Disney on Ice as a family.  There were princesses, there were ice skates and there were definitely some snow cones.

Holy Family Fall Festival
*First face paint
*First (successful) pony ride

Berry Patch Farms
Pumpkin' pickin'

Boo at the Zoo
Our annual outing with Bryson, the conductor.
Elmo was a huge hit and really enjoyed hamming it up to the crowd.
And Belle was a priceless princess.

Texas in November
(a.k.a. the only time to visit Texas to avoid the heat)
We got to meet sweet baby Taylor!!!

 Future of Clear Lake tennis?

Christmas 2012
Took us a while to recover from that one.
It was a fun one filled with sugar cookies, matching pj's and a lot of time with Grandma who came to stay with us!

 Wouldn't get even an inch closer to the jolly ol' feller.

The perfect Christmas card picture.  Too bad it wasn't taken in time.


And the gift that keeps on giving.....to me.......ball after ball after ball after ball.
Thanks, Robby and JoJo.  We'll be sure to give it back when it's YOUR time. 
The girls sure do love it though!


Wedding Season

We've known for about a year that September 2012 was going to be a month to remember.  Robby (Lily's godfather) and Elizabeth (Kennedy's godmother) both happened to plan their weddings two weeks apart.  Lucky for us that meant our first family trip to the beach and a visit from Nana, Papa and Wendy while mommy and daddy had a "stay-cation" in Atlanta.  It was a busy month but worth every fast paced minute.

Our first wedding took us to Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.....John's old stomping grounds.  It had been several years since we last visited and we left wondering why we had let so much time pass.  Hopefully that won't happen again!  Thank you, Liz, for inviting us to be a part of your new life with David.  We love him and love you and loved watching you meet the girls.  Now we can't wait to visit New York!

And wedding numero dos.
John was on a marathon.  That's all I can say.
Liz's wedding, quickly followed by Robby's bachelor weekend up in the North Georgia mountains, immediately followed by an almost full week of work, Texas flying in for a visit, rehearsal, wedding mania, football Sunday and back to work.
I'm getting tired all over again.
What a fantastic time we had though.  Robby and "Jo Jo" were as wonderful as ever.  Lily "The Wildcard" Thompson gave us all a fright at the rehearsal but she was a perfect little flower girl when the time came. 

Thank you to Robby and Josephine for asking two of my most favorite people to be an integral part of your day.  We enjoyed sharing this time with you.....from the very first date back in October 2003.  Oh, yes......we shall never forget.....

Yes, that's Lily sitting and chatting with the tennis guys (yes, that's James Blake across the table from her).  What a little name dropper she is!  :-)

The sweetest.....not sure what I've done so right to deserve her.